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Waxed Waterproof Cap
Waxed Waterproof Cap


Waxed Waterproof Cap


The Waxed Cap is equal parts vintage, modern, Cabela’s, and downtown - you choose the adventure type of cap.

Waterproof and made in the USA - this cap will break in beautifully and age like the leathery face of cowboy squinting into the sunrise. Most likely, you’re just going to wear this to work and on the weekends and maybe to a baseball game or a on a bike ride around the city - or maybe you moisturize and  have a beautifully smooth and ageless face that is angelic, graceful - lineless in its eternal and ethereal youth - so it’s not really a problem for you - but now, imagine having both your city slicker beauty with the leathery cowboy gravitas - that’s what this hat will do for you. Features a 6.25 oz. waxed cotton build. 

  • Made in the USA
  • Responsibility: What does responsibility mean? People talk a lot about transparency and sustainability. For Corridor, this means that they actually work in the factory with the tailors every season to create the garments and ensure the workshops are environmentally certified (ISO-9001) and socially accountable (SA 8000). You can feel good knowing where and how the garment was made