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Lightness Meditative Kit


Lightness Meditative Kit


Use this kit during times of darkness or when you are feeling a sense of heaviness.  This kit includes a beautiful handmade stained glass panel and smudge set.  Product details are included below. 

Debbie Bean Hand Made Stained Glass: triangle panel carefully made out of individually cut colored stained glass pieces that were joined by soldering lead came strips and framed in zinc for sturdiness. Due to the nature of the glass used in creating this piece, the colors change depending on the light source. The soft pastel colors are deeper when hung on a white background but become lighter when placed in a window. Colors of stained glass vary and include earth shades (pictured above) and water shades (not pictured, but includes blues, greens, and yellows). 

High Sun Low Moon Wildcrafted Bundle:  a beautiful hand made herbal bundle may be used for smudging, consisting of wild flowers, juniper branches, and desert sage.  All plants picked from West Texas and hand-dried by local Austin artisan Cassie Courtney.

Abalone Shell and Wooden Stand: use this stand to hold your favorite incense or herbal bundle. We recommend putting small amount of sand in the bottom of the shell to extenguish the wildcrafted bundle, if you want to use the bundle multiple times.