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La Vida Rancher - Taupe
La Vida Rancher - Taupe

Made by Minga

La Vida Rancher - Taupe


This classic Rancher hat design is made by hand from sheep's wool, has a wide 3.5” brim, plus a tear-drop crown. Finished with vegetable-tanned leather tie, this hat will be your new favorite. Wool makes for the perfect adventure hat leaving you warm in the winter or dry in the summer.

  • 100% Ecuadorian Sheep's Wool
  • 3.5" wide brim 
  • Tear drop crown
  • Veg-tanned leather tie
  • Custom finished leather lining
  • Crafted and pressed by hand

    Made by Minga partners with a fourth and fifth generation family of hat-makers to highlight the traditional hat-making process while adapting new, modern designs. 

    These hats are handmade and one-of-a-kind. This means that no two are exactly alike and almost all contain irregularities from size to color. Please allow for slight imperfections as this is what adds to the unique character of each hat and band.