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Tea for Two Kit


Tea for Two Kit


This kit is curated to encourage deep conversations between partners.  Sit down together over cups of tea while engaging in a Love Deck card reading.  Don't forget to light some copal incense or light a candle to set the mood! Kit includes:

Two Japanese Tea Cups imported from Japan.  Each cup fits perfectly in your hands.  Cups can also be used to serve up Mezcal, if that's "you're cup of tea".

Inner Compass Love Cards: tap into your playful nature to connect you back to yourself so that you can be free and open with others. The cards are easy to use – alone or altogether – and are perfect for anyone willing to transcend their own limitations and fully embrace the many facets of love.  Set includes deck of cards and guide book.  

Teomati Sacred Copal: handcrafted copal resin in stick form from the Mountains of Central and Southern Mexico.  Light and enjoy the earthy aroma and beautiful, dancing smoke.  Stick can be used in one setting or put out and relit for multiple uses. 

Easy to Breathe Ceramic Incense Stick Holder:  handmade by Mariana Mae. Each ceramic holder is one of a kind, featuring a variety of geometric shapes.  Pictured is the "compass" design. Please note that each holder is circular in shape and similar in size.