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Jars of Dust



Height (from top of handle): 10 in.
Vessel height: 4 in.
Width (to tip of spout): 6.5 in
Volume: 28 oz.

Pictured in old clay + Copper

Ah the elusive teapot! We only make these 1-2 times a year and in super small batches. This Fall ‘18 design includes a dainty spout that pours the most perfect stream, a dramatic swooping handle that is pleasant to hold and easy pour with, a simple lid that won’t fall out when you tilt the vessel, and an angular body that will gladly hold your hot beverage of choice.

Please note, this piece cannot be heated on the stove - it will crack from temperature shock.

All Jars of Dust pieces are handmade in Virginia Beach from start to finish. Every item is food, microwave, and dishwasher safe.