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High Sun, Low Moon - Incense Set

high sun, low moon

High Sun, Low Moon - Incense Set


Center yourself with High Sun Low Moon's signature loose blend incense. This ritual set is perfect for any space. COMES WITH: - Five Charcoals - Copper Tongs - Hand-Formed Clay Burning Dish High Sun Blend: - Frankincense - Desert Sage - Juniper Wood - Patchouli - Musk Seeds Low Moon Blend: - Black Copal - Myrrh - Chaparral - Yerba Santa - Rose Pedals

High Sun Low Moon celebrates the natural beauty and sacredness of our earthly existence. Herbal and plant offerings are made in small batches with the purpose of creating sacred space and as an homage to living well, both in the body and beyond. The spirit of the brand weaves together self care, ritual and the setting of potent intentions.


Set includes cooper tongs, a burning bowl, and five charcoal.