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Nativa Wellbeing

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Nativa Wellbeing

We recently took a field trip to visit a new holistic health and wellness center called Nativa Wellbeing.  Nativa is owned and operated by Ashley Casillas, a warm and welcoming wellness practitioner and true mystic.  As we entered through her front door, she greeted us with a calm presence and immediately worked to meet our needs.  She served us homemade lemonade in repurposed Topo Chico glasses. We found ourselves beginning to feel refreshed both physically and emotionally. 

She showed us her space for a community alter to honor ancestors and her more private room where she provides Reiki, sound baths, and guided meditations.  The space was light and airy, yet drew you into something deeper and more meaningful than can be fully articulated.  

Ashley openly discussed her path to becoming a healer and actively participated in conversation with us.  The discussions flowed freely and organically as she inquired about our own narratives. Ashley is authentic and seems to intuitively lead discussions to a depth that encourages others to truly give pause, reflect, and tune into what may be the heart of the matter. 

Prior to our departure, Ashley engaged us in an intuitive card draw from a beautiful meditation deck. The deck featured a collection of art in soft pastel colors and simple geometrics and symbols.  I drew the Intuition card, which spurred a group discussion about finding balance between the “facts” and our “gut”. Christine, my business partner and friend, drew the Perspective card. We each listened and held space for spoken and unspoken thoughts.  After leaving the space, I felt a lightness in my chest and a shift in my mood. Similarly, Christine commented that she felt as though a weight had been lifted off her as well. 

Be sure to check out Ashley’s website to book yourself any of the following services: Intention Consultation, Reiki, Energetic Cleanse, and group workshops.  The majority of her workshops are donation based and she is willing to negotiate pricing for those who may not be able to financially cover the full price for services. She says there is nothing to be ashamed of in asking for a lower price so please feel free to openly communicate with her. In addition, Ashley strives to make healing and wellness accessible to all people and provides free services to refugees and asylum seeking families. 

We appreciate all the nurturing and emotional labor Ashley does for the San Antonio community.  She is a true inspiration.

Follow her on Instagram @nativawellbeing

Her Website:

And don’t forget to read her thoughtful blog posts.  I’m currently processing her piece entitled: “When was the last time you took your inner child seriously?”