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A Mental Health Discussion: Coping as New/Expecting Parents During COVID-19

A Mental Health Discussion: Coping as New/Expecting Parents During COVID-19

A mental health discussion for new and expecting parents during COVID-19 with therapist Angela Botello. The discussion is split into 4 parts and key points from each section are highlighted in each video summary. 

*This discussion was filmed on May 28, 2020 while a thunderstorm was rolling through San Antonio causing some technical issues. The sound/video quality may be inconsistent at times; but, we thoroughly enjoyed our conversation with Angela and wanted to share our discussion with our audience.

Part 1:

In part 1 of our discussion with Angela, she starts by introducing herself and giving us a brief summary of her professional background and experience.

We discuss themes Angela has been noticing in her clients and the changes many people are experiencing due to quarantine and stay at home orders. 

Key discussion points highlighted in Part 1:

  • Creating a new normal
  • New routines
  • New roles within relationships
  • Existing mental health issues amplified
  • Becoming a new parent within COVID-19/quarantine
  • Loss of support networks due to social distancing/stay at home orders

Part 2: 

In part 2, Angela shares with us examples of resiliency from her clients and intentions you can focus your mental energy towards in order to combat stressors.

Key discussion points highlighted in Part 2:

Staying Strong

  • Focusing on what is real
  • Focusing on what you can control
  • Practicing Gratitude
  • Check ins/assess your own mental health daily

Part 3:

In part 3, Angela discusses the importance of caring for ourselves, our partner, and others we may be sharing spaces with.

Key discussion points highlighted in Part 3:

  • Self care for new parents
  • Staying connected with your partner
  • Caring for you spouse/others in the home

Part 4:

In part 4, Angela challenges us to reflect on our relationship with social media and the impact of the accounts we choose to follow and engage with. 

Key discussion points highlighted in Part 4:

  • Healthy social media boundaries for new parents
  • Resources: online and local, professional and community based

Thanks for watching our virtual conversation with our friend, Angela. We hope that this discussion is a good reminder that you are not alone, there are resources in your local community ready and eager to help, and that we are all in this together!

Resources mentioned in our discussion with Angela: 


New Parent Resources:

Local Resources:

Mental Health/Wellness Apps:

  • Happify
  • Mindshift CBT
  • Rootd
  • Tapping Solution
  • Insight Timer (has guided meditations for individuals as well as for couples)
  • Relax Melodies

Instagram Accounts:

  • @myselflovesupply
  • @postpartumtogether
  • @postpartumstress
  • @postpartumsupportinternational
  • @shawnjohnson  (yes the Olympic gymnast)