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San Antonio Based Makers We Love

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San Antonio Based Makers We Love

It's 2020! What a great time to live, work, and grow in San Antonio.  I am deeply honored to have made so many friends in 2019.   As I reflect on the previous year's blooming relationships, I noticed many  were with talented makers, artists, and entrepreneurs.  I am so grateful to be in the company of these folks.  I have been overwhelmed by the extension of kindness and support each of them have given to me personally, and to Temple of Offering.  If you are not familiar with these folks, please take some time to check out their work and give them a follow in the ol' gram:

  •  Archive Goods (@archivegoods) - Lauren Wexstaff is the maker, owner, and founder behind Archive Goods.  Lauren is a self-taught leatherworker who makes handmade leather bags and wallets.  Lauren "seeks to bring artisan trades back to the fashion industry in an impactful way - where design and sustainability become the standard - encouraging a positive ecosystem for local artisans, designers, and consumers" (see her website at for more details).
  • Socorro Society (@socorro.society) - Lauren Gonzalez-Johnson is the creator and owner behind the brilliant up-cycling and repurposing of clothing and accessories.  She provides beautiful, custom embroidery work on rare, vintage clothing to make one-of-kind garments for consumers.  She works to educate consumers by putting out monthly newsletters about sustainable, slow fashion principles and by leading a variety of workshops.  Lauren's ultimate mission is "to inspire you to live life knowing you're doing your part in saving this planet." (see her website for more details). 
  • That Gray Zine (@thatgrayzine)  - This zine is a true San Antonio community effort! It is a collection of writings and art that seeks to promote mental health awareness and advocacy.  It's founder and editor, Erica Edmonds is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist who provides her trauma-informed and integrative services and expertise through her private practice, All That Lies in Gray Counseling. (for more details or to submit your own art/writing, visit her website
  • Tall Poppy Florals (@tallpoppyflorals) - San Antonio native Samantha Garcia brings creativity and her unique style to floral design. Her work is unlike any I've seen before! Her bouquets and arrangements are absolutely beautiful with bright, vibrant pops of color.   You can find her pop-up shop at many local artisan markets, including the monthly Market at Crosby on the Eastside.
  • Nativa Wellbeing (@nativawellbeing) - Ashley Casillas is the founder, owner, and healer behind Nativa Wellbeing.  Ashley provides individual and group workshops to encourage creativity, self-discovery and self-love.  She also provides donation based reiki sessions.  Ashley makes a variety of herbal tools to assist folks who are own their own healing journey, such as Energy Cleansing Baths, teas, and herb bundles.  The materials she utilizes to make her products are grown and cared for in her home garden. Check out her website to learn more about holistic self-care or to book a session at her space in Bandara, or at Temple of Offering in San Antonio. Don't forget to read her blog posts! They are super helpful! (read more about Ashley at
  • Southwest Elixirs (@southwestelixirs) - Madison & Santiago Ortega are the masterminds behind Southwest Elixirs, a cold pressed juice truck that recently opened on San Antonio's East Side.   Since opening their truck, they have played in active role in the community, from hosting early morning yoga classes, to participating in various San Antonio artisan markets, to eventually leading their own maker's market called Market at Crosby.
  • Blooming Femmes (@bloomingfemmes) - A San Antonio based collective for womxn and femmes.  These folks work to cultivate a community of artists and makers.   Coordinated by Kassandra of Kalydoodles (@kalydoodles),  Marialina of Finders Keepers (, Morgan of Morgan Mars Vintage (@morganmars), Grace of Juniper Sunroom (@thejunipersunroom) and Allison of Pleated Sonata (@pleatedsonata), these folks run a killer artisan market!
  • Margra Soledad (@margarasoledad) - Margara spent the majority of her life in Juarez, Mexico before relocating to San Antonio.  Learning from her grandmother, a seamstress and fabric artists, Margara is a clothing designer who through collaborative methods, hand makes lovely custom clothing for the San Antonio community.  (check out her website to see her portfolio or to inquire about your own custom dress or jacket at
  • SA Beer Magazine (@sabeermag) - a free publication and passion project by Harrison Civick and JoMando Cruz all about beer - this magazine is a true work of art.  Cruz's long form photo essays are stunning! He works to capture the context of each beer he shoots, opting to capture to labor, environment, and folks over closeups of beer glasses.  You can't flip through this zine without catching a wicked beer craving (even for a preferred wine drinker like myself). Each article is highly informative. (Check out their website  at
  • And I can't go without mentioning a few of our fellow local businesses, who while are not specifically makers, are vital to the San Antonio community.  When people, particularly tourists, ask me about places to check out, here are the typical recommendations:  

Hotel Havana (@havanasanantonio) 

Chica Verde (@chica_verde_tx) 

Swine House (@swinehousesa)

Estate Coffee (@estatecoffeeco)

Red Cat & Co. (@redcatandco)

La Casa Frida (@lacasafrida)

Pinch Boil House (@pinchboilhouse)

Singhs Vietnames (@singhs_sa)